Thursday, June 19, 2008

It ain't the boomers

It’s not the fault of the Boomers. It’s the fault of us all, for not having the spine to stand up when standing up was necessary.

I sometimes wonder if we’ll ever grow a collective spine.

Richard Blair

We are All good in finding the GUILTY.
And we are all guilty and all responsible for the World as it is.
Half good and half bad.
"Make love, don't make war!"
And infact US finished the Vietnam's war just in time to begin a new one.
"It won't be another Vietnam", infact it looks a little bit worse.
It is the fault of the ones who had the Spine to say yes and of the ones who hadn't the Spine to say NO.
We won't be able to grow a collective spine, but we should grow individual spines and put them together.
They talk about "age of communication".
Isn't this the way?
But more than communication is talking.(mostly on cell phones)
And talking doesn't bring anywhere.
I am in between the bomomers and the non boomers.
I missed the fun of the boomers' age and the fun of the following.
Let's hope I will have a better future in the future's age...
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