Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good, Bad, call it whatever you like

"For my money, the "we were lied to" chorus only represents the obdurately self-righteous cluelessness in every band of the American political spectrum. We lied to ourselves. We continue to lie to ourselves every day.
We might as well keep on lying to ourselves to pretend that we are not descending into a dark phase of our own history. After all, the true basis of American life these days is to feel good about yourself no matter what you do." JK

We lie because we do not like reality.
We lie because we don't want to believe.
We lie, because we were taught to.
We lie because we have to go on living.
And living the best we can.
And the best is living the way we were used to, we were taught to, the way it was convenient to somebody.
No, it is not our fault.
It is not the fault of the people.
We were brought up believing in technology, believing in a better future and the better future was a world where we had our own house, our own car, our own job, our own future.
And now you come and say it is not true anymore.
The world we believed in is not this, the future we were waiting is not this, that for a very small detail, the lack of oil, our future is upside down.
Well, we accept it, we will stand to our new future, we will like it, just tell what it will be.
This pervading nostalgia for the past, for a world without machines, without rush, without hate, without fight is, I fear, the longing for something never existed.
Man is and was always the same.
The Idyllic world we picture in our past was no more idyllic than today's world.
Man was, is and will be always the same.
You won't be able to change the world, with or without oil.
You can change the way we live, men can adapt to ANY way, but you won't be able to change our life.
Everything had good and bad sides.
And the terrible fact is that WE are not able to choose the good, we do not even know what good is.
May be because there is no good or bad.
There is something which is opposite to something else.
Call it whatever you like.
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