Monday, June 02, 2008

Everything is Mafia, the Mafia is everything

In Italy you enter the "Mafia clan" very young.
Let's say at three, when your mother needs a place for you in the nursery school.
She soon realizes that without the "help" of some "friend" there is no place for you.
The same when you have to go to school, without "friends" you certainly have to go to a very low level one.
But if you "belong" all the doors are open.
What do they ask?
Very little in principle.
The vote of your family for the politician they choose.
That is how people like Andreotti lasted in Italian political life all their life.
That is why whatever happens there are always the same few where it counts.
We have arrived to the point where you need the "Mafia" for anything: for finding a job, for having a place in the hospital, for having a place in school, in an old people home, and last, for finding a place in the cemetery.
If you do not know anybody, you risk that you just if you never existed.
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