Thursday, June 19, 2008

It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak and another to hear.

Our very idea of God implies that He is beyond our powers of perception and understanding.
Then what can we do? Shut our eyes and be silent?
That will not satisfy creatures such as we are.
We cannot know, we cannot name the Divine, nor we can understand its ways.
We ask why there should be suffering and sin, we cannot answer the question.
As we cannot answer most of the questions about religion.
There is no religion which does not contain some truth, none which contains the whole truth, for religion is the light of truth as reflected in human mirrors, and however spotless and pure your mirror may be, there is none which in reflecting does not deflect the rays of light that fall on it.
To give the right answers to our questions about life and religion we can approach the metaphysical learning at the University Of Metaphysical Sciences.
It is a non-profit distance learning facility, where you can download courses from the Internet, or have delivered by mail.
The school has already 2,000 students world wide.
University Of Metaphysical Sciences cares more about humanity than money and in this is different from any other metaphysical school.
You will be able to learn how to achieve breatharianism, which is the nourishment of the spirit.
All here on earth tends toward right, and truth and perfection: the light that feeds the soul.
There are four elements in life:
Fire. The fire is the sun whence all life comes from.
Air. It is what we breath and whence our life force comes from.
Water. It is what we drink to keep alive.
Earth . It is the energy that breatharians absorb by walking on the bare earth.
Once you learn the lesson of breatharianism, you will be able to have a new start in life.
If more people in this world would know astral body projection, ours would certainly be a different and better world.
"You are only returning to what you already are, consciousness that is free to move about in the universe as it chooses."
It takes two to speak the truth: one to speak and another to hear.

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