Friday, June 13, 2008

The arrogance of the Cell Phone Business Industry

Picture a business where dissatisfied customers have to pay a penalty to stop doing business with you. Sounds like a dream of a business to own, but not one you'd want to patronize. Well, you don't have to imagine such a business.
It exists, and if you're one of the nation's 255 million cellphone subscribers, you're already a customer.
Consumer advocates fear that the Federal Communications Commission will grant an industry's wish -- and leave customers in the cold. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin promises that won't happen.
The main goal "is to protect consumers," he told us. "If the commission is going to take jurisdiction, then we need to have rules."
Those rules should leave lawsuits to the courts and ensure that disgruntled consumers don't have to stay tethered to cellphone providers they'd rather hang up on.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh! Definitely a problem... and it seems like there is nothing in place to fix it.