Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Self expression

"Self-expression is a hallmark of an artist, of art, to get something off one’s chest, to sing one’s song. So that element is present in all art."
And if you are not an artist?
Self expression is a need, not of the artist, not of the singer, not of the writer.
It is a need of the MAN, communication is our goal and our despair.
Since the first hiccup, to the last gasp, we humans (but animals too) look around us and want to communicate.
We are happy to know we are not alone in this world.

"So self-expression is the key to even standing up and saying, "Hey, listen to me."
Self-expression can be based on looking at the world and making observations about it or not."
What we say is not important, at least not for us.
May be it is important for the one who listens.
If we say the right thing, they listen to us.
If we say the right thing we can start a conversation and communication is that: I say something you listen, you say something I listen.

"And these things just flow into your head and you write them. And the writing is the really wonderful part. A lot of this is discovery. A lot of things are lying around waiting to be discovered and that's our job is to just notice them and bring them to life."
This is the way I see the world, this is the way I express myself, this is the picture I draw of the world, the way I see it, the way it reflects through my eyes, through my mind.
What is really art?
It should be a good expression of yourself.
But how could you define a good expression?
May be if I can talk, if I can write, if I can paint and show what I see the way I see it and I can really "communicate", "share", draw in your mind.
May be I am an artist if I can make you feel what I feel, the way I feel it.
Art is about communication, is about life, is about me and you and the world.
How wonderful it would be if I could really paint what I see, the way I see it.
If I could describe what I feel, the way I feel it.
If I could be an actor and show the right expression, if I could reveal my soul with my face, with my voice, with my drawing, with my writing.
Then I could call myself an artist.

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