Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My favourite Sport is still shopping

There is nothing I love more of life than being able to save while shopping.
It gives me a delightful and deep satisfaction knowing that I paid less than the full price.
And the "more" less the better.
Sometimes I even come to the point of buying things I do not need, just because they are a special offer or special delivery or special whatsoever.
Good that I am lucky to have a big house and a lot of space and a lot of time to put things in order and keep them in the best way, so that whenever I need something, whatever it can be, I HAVE IT.
You would think I am full of junk and worthless stuff.
I can assure you I am not.
I have the best selection of everything, and since prices (in spite of whatever they say) always go up, I can afford things I wouldn't be able to afford if I just bought what I need the moment I need it.
My cousin Virginia, who is a shopper like me (may be it is somehow in the family) used to be proud to be "buyer number first".
Well I am sure I am buyer number second and sometimes I could even surpass her.
My only limit is that I am also quite selfish and usually spend for myself, while she is very generous and cannot resist a bargain, always finds somebody to buy that special item in special offer for...
Well, no wonder our frequent topic of conversation (or emailing)is where to find the best coupon code discounts.
Since they invented the Internet that is one of our favourite sports.
Surfing for the best shopping site with the best discounted price.
"Never pay full price" is our motto and we surely do our best to follow it.
If Virginia is buyer number first is certainly shopping website discount coupons number first.
There you find everything, from computer stuff Dell coupons, Apple store to drugs, Sporting goods, even Babies' products .
Well, you just write what kind of stuff you are searching for, click and there you are: the best selection at the best price.
And if you lack ideas, and you still want to save, you can even find Shopping tips and gift ideas.
The only thing you still need is a valid Credit Card.
And one of Virginia's tips.
When she is really full of everything and has not space for a small pin anymore, and still has the chance to do some good bargains, what does she do?
A garage sale, where she usually sells a lot and makes new space for new shopping and her life goes on...
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