Monday, June 16, 2008

Charging by the byte: the death of the Internet as it is

"If charging by the byte catches on, expect a dramatic shift in what users will accept in online advertising.

How many people will be willing to pay to download an annoying flash ad or animated gif?"

Sometimes greediness is the mother of failure.
When you want too much, then you get too less.
Teach the people how to save, obliging them to save and your profits will lower.

I personally am against "Eat as much as you can" for a fixed amount.
It pushes the people to eat too much and it is also anti-economic, because the more you eat, the more food is consumed.
Not the same for bandwidth usage.
Or if you want for railroad and buses usage.
I think it could be a very good business model proposing a fixed monthly amount to every citizen (the lower the better)to use public transportation.
Many wouldn't use the car.
It is true he States would loose the taxes on gasoline, but we would breath cleaner air, would save on the energy bill and also on human lives.
How many would still be alive had they used a train or a bus instead of their car?

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