Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who is a good writer

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

The Gary Vaynerchuk Guide to Enthusiastic Copy.
I fail to understand why to write a blog or whatever if those who matter don't mind.
I mean, if you are sure you have no audience, why bother to write?
It's like if somebody began shouting somewhere and nobody gave a damn about it.
Writing for the pleasure of writing.
Writing what you like and think and want.
As if it was enough to be enthusiastic to write well.
Of course some enthusiasm adds to what you write, but being a good writer is also being able to write what you are not so enthusiastic about.
Let's say, you are a good writer if you can become enthusiastic about what you write. Let’s say there is nothing really boring, but there are things you know and things you don't.
And usually you know the things you like, and you know them well.
But my personal experience is that if you go deep into the matter you have to write about, then you usually begin to like it.
There is always a good side on everything, that is explainable by the fact that there are so many matters and the tastes of the people are so different.
Is there something that wouldn't find a follower?
Well, being a good writer is also that: finding followers for a subject nobody is interested in.
Lighting the good sides of it, making them alluring, waking up curiosity.
That begins with the title.
A good writer knows what to say to wake up curiosity.
A good writer is the one who makes you clicking and wanting to read more...
And the magnificent writer is the one who is able, beside making the reader reaching the end of the post, making him happy to have read it.
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