Friday, June 20, 2008

"European quality and Chinese price".

"European quality and Chinese price".
That is exactly how they convinced me to buy, for my brand new Canon printer a system that "worked exactly as the original ink cartridge" but at 1/tenth of the price.
And the alluring thing was that in the future all I had to do was buying the bottle of ink, filling the small bottles and I could print tons of papers, all the drawings I wanted, with beautiful colors "just like the original".
Well, the hassle began when I received the product.
It took me one day to understand how it should have worked.
Another day to inject the ink, to place the bottles, to modify the printer.
After two days work I had the big delusion it didn't work at all.
I called the supplier, and I was kind of angry and a little bit (or a lot, it depends on the point of view)abusive...not too ladylike jargon...
It came out that the parcel I received was for the old printer type and do not worry, we will send the replacement and bla, bla,bla...
Once received the replacement, I had to spend one and a half day (I got a little bit experienced in the meantime)to repeat the same procedure...
Now it worked, but the colours were completely wrong.
It was because of the bubbles and so on...
I still haven't been able to have it working properly.
The colours are completely wrong (blue instead of black, light red instead of purple and so on...)
But the worst is that I ruined my brand new printer and the European quality turned out to be just Chinese, and the price, considering everything is quite close to the European (without considering the three and a half days spent).
At least now I can consider myself experienced to the point that I will never again buy a "Chinese replacement"...but I found where to look to buy Canon inkjet printer at a very good price, without ruining my printer and being sure to print the colours I need.
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European quality at Chinese prices...
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