Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What do we learn from...Animals?

Although we share 99,6 per cent of our make up with chimps, for most people the differences obscure the similarities.
Chimps reason, plan, trade, work fight and play, are affectionate, bear grudges.
They have a social hierarchy and have an incest taboo.
They live in groups and dislike strangers, but occasional sexual transgression helps avoid genetic stagnation.
People with brown hair owe it to their monkey anchestors who could hide from predators among the coconuts.
We have too high an opinion of ourselves.
We align ourselves with the angels instead of the primates.

What do we learn from Animals?
We know what we are, why we are and what we will be.
Indifference to the past reduces human experience to a life span rather than one of thousands of years.

What I learned from...Animals

What We Learned from Animals (and Robert Hruzek)
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