Monday, January 26, 2009

With sunlight you can save up to 75%

If you are planning to buy the building for your office be careful to choose one with plenty of sunshine.
In the next future the offices with a lot of sunlight will upgrade their market value.
The future: The LCD driven by sunlight will feature an increased contrast ratio and can save up to 75% power over regular LCD panels.
It will soon be available a new TFT LCD for notebooks that is specifically designed for outdoor use: The 14.1” panel is illuminated by sunlight instead of the standard backlight unit when used outside.
Running a notebook LCD with the help of sunlight sharply cuts the power consumption of the most power hungry hardware in today’s notebooks as well. In sunlight mode, the display will use only 25% of the power used in backlight mode, LG promises. Since LCDs consume considerable amounts - typical 14.1” LCDs can consume somewhere between 50 and 70 watts – a power reduction of about 75% is significant.
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