Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just lift up, store your things then push back

What is the secret to have a good sleep and nice dreams?
Besides being satisfied with oneself, is also having the right environment.
At least that is essential for me.
I like a nice and cozy bedroom, a comfortable bed and may be a good electric blaket to warm my always cold feet...
Well, that should be the job of a good husband, but an electric blanket is something that always helps...
I am a little bit peculiar and the style of the bed, the matching cover and curtains gives me a certain satisfaction and really helps me to relax.
I personally like beds old looking, but modern.
Usually the old ones aren’t big and comfortable enough.
The problem with a big bed is that it usually doesn’t fit well with the small size of today’s bedrooms.
It doesn’t leave enough space for big wardrobes where to store (and hide) all the stuff we like to accumulate day by day.
I do not know about others, but, in spite of my best propositions, I always end up having more than I can store.
And I hate to throw away anything...
But intelligent furniture comes at our rescue.
Something like storage beds, where you have a lot of space to sleep (and have wonderful dreams) and still have a lot of space for ALL you buy.
"Most beds feature up to four times the storage of a normal divan with the ottoman storage system. Amazing ease of use, just lift up, store your things then push back down again. "
That is what I love best: just lift up, store your things then push back down again: and voila´: Everything in order, everything looks clean and in its place...the dream begins even before sleeping...
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