Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where Main Street reaches Wall Street

In good times any online brokerage firm is good.
It is in bad times that there is a big difference among the available ones.
When it comes to Online Trading there are things you should never overlook.
First you should be able to choose among as many as possible types of Mutual Funds.
In this way it is much easier to find what suits your needs, being it a small investment for a short period or a big one for a longer time.
Second, after what happened in the Financial World, it is of the upmost importance to have some kind of account protection.
So that your hardly saved money doesn’t melt and disappear.
Third you should look for an Online Broker with low commissions.
Very often the revenue is so small compared to the handling fees that in the end the only one who earns something is not you...
And what about starting with as little as possible, with a company which doesn´t request a minimum?
Or somebody who doesn’t charge Setup, Maintenance or termination fees?
Or the possibility to reinvest the revenue with no additional commission?
If to all you add a very good Customer service, real time portfolio tracker, good and reliable information about your possible investments, the chance to use a financial calculator, you really do not have to search any longer...
You found the right online brokerage firm.
What about Stock Trading?
Do you want to know more?
Firstrade provides also a live chat line and a knowledge center.
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