Monday, January 26, 2009

A world without oil

I think in this world of know how and don´t know how and when everybody is looking for the guilty.
In this war against the responsible of this or that bubble nobody sees the clear reality which is in front of our eyes.
The clear reality the damage of finding and using oil has brought to this society energy addicted and foolishly behaving.
Imagine just for a few minutes how our modern world would be without oil, how our lives would be, how our society would look.
Technology of alternative energy would be much more advanced.
We would have spent money and energy looking for cheaper and effective ways to move our machines, to warm our houses, to go to work, to fly in the sky or not to fly.
Our railroads would bring fast and safe trains, our skies would be cleaner and we wouldn´t have so many cars running.
Our TVs and computers would use electricity produced by the wind, our food would be more expensive because we would have less production, but our weight would be normal and we wouldn´t see the monsters that are in growing number in this sick society who doesn´t know how to live, but just how to consume.
And more than anything, the oil producers would have had to produce something else because they wouldn´t have had oil to sell and fields to empty.
May be there would be less wars, at least less interest in fighting wars to grab oil.
They talk about black gold, I talk about black devil.
If we ever had let the oil where it was and look for water, food, ideals and life.
A world without oil would have been such a nice place to live in!
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