Monday, January 26, 2009

Do we want a better world, a better economy?

"Now, searching for stability, the U.S. government and some European governments have nationalized their financial sectors to a degree that contradicts the tenets of modern capitalism. "
Well, the same, but opposite has happened in countries where they used to have a nationalized financial sector which they are trying to privatize.
That being a sign of failure of one side of the "capitalistic" ideology and on the other of the "Communist" ideology is in both cases the sign that human nature is the same all over the world, races do not exist, people are fundamentally the same.
Put a child in front of a cake and it will be very probable that he will eat it, and as much as he can.
Political forces, or better, people who rule, cannot resist their deep feelings of possessing and grabbing.
I do not use the word stealing.
I do not criticize.
May be, very probably I would do the same, if I were in the right position.
The only thing that failed in the whole system is the power of the controllers.
People should be in the position to know and to check and to make it difficult to cheat.
It is a matter of laziness combined with ignorance and wanted impossibility to control.
Do we want a better world, a better economy?
It is not impossible, it would work in any way, we just need what we once called Honesty, which was nothing else than fear to be found guilty.
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