Thursday, January 29, 2009

What can be defined as pornography?

New laws designed to tackle extreme and child pornography could declare illegal what is commonly accepted as "non pornography".
Sometimes it is a matter of personal feelings, of what we are used to see that makes an image offensive or not.
When your eyes get used to a certain kind of once defined as pornography, they do not see it any more as such.
And the peculiar is that Films given an official classification are excluded from the new law, meaning certain extreme activity by actors will be allowed on screen. However, similar imitations on paper will not be exempted.
"We COULD get to a point where the police could legitimately visit your home or workplace, and sanctioned by an un-elected magistrate or judge go through your collection and if they find any comic book that they feel will cause sexual arousal or displays extreme violence then they could arrest you."
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