Friday, January 30, 2009


For me writing in English is a challenge and the way to improve my language skills.
I am Italian, live in Germany, and love reading.
That in itself doesn’t make a writer, but gave me the tools to be able to write in another language.
I think that for being a good writer you need less knowledge than creativity and ability to see with the eyes of the soul.
Music has seven notes and the alphabet 22 (Italian just 20) letters.
But what a difference in using them!
With the same starting point you can build a masterpiece or nothing.
It is what appeals to the soul that makes a great melody or a good writing.
Is it better to have a style so gorgeous that it conceals the subject, or the ability to write about any subject in the way that appeals to the reader?
I guess that writing means exactly this: reaching the person who reads what you write.
Writing is not egotism or the way to show your skills.
Writing is all about communication and communication is all about expressing what you think, want, and love.
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