Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How could we picture our Future?

What we need is a clear restarting point.
Where do we have to begin?
The answer is very easy: from where our society went in the wrong direction.
And that was long ago, when we believed that extracting oil from the ground would bring immense wealth, because a machine could work like thousand of men and ate much less then a single man.
The machine would survive and feed on oil which was the cheapest thing you could have and came for free from the ground.
And the more you extracted the least it cost and the oil producing countries were so happy to get immensely rich just letting others to drill on their soil.
It was like fairy tales.
They work till the moment you write: and they lived happily after...END
But the cheap, almost free oil brought with it the biggest problems like wars to posses it, greediness on the producers side, an easy way to suck money from people with new taxes, a world that is so polluted we can hardly live in it.
With oil came cheap food and people could eat as much as they liked and that produced monsters who can hardly walk and be called humans.
But the worst consequence was the addiction to it, the addiction to the thought that you could have something so cheap that it cost almost nothing, while working and producing usually cost a lot.
It brought to the end of research for new energy, the end of public transportation, the end of well done job, the end of pride in what you do.
All began long time ago, when the golden black devil became the first source of richness, the only goal to look for.
The world is addicted to energy, cheap energy and we are confused, finished when our addiction cannot be fulfilled.
How to imagine a world without oil? A world where if you want to enjoy you have to work, may be hard.
A world where food is getting more expensive and you can afford less, where you have to use your feet to move, the stairs to climb, the broom instead of the vacuum cleaner.
When people will understand where we HAVE to begin, THAT will be the real way out of bankruptcy.
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