Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to handle a full project

Team foundation server hosting is a tool, which allows you very easily to handle a complete project.
This includes also the capability to enhance the communication between all involved members of a team.
Another important part of it is the possibility to track the status of the project.
The enhanced communication is based on a Windows Sharepoint Web site, which allows to store documents and reports, to find these documents.
The members can - thanks to the integrated Team Explorer - view reports, work items, manage documents and work with product builds.
An Alert system provides alerts that are sent to the team members via e-mail when something changes on the project.
And the so called Source Control enables the team to manage all source code of the whole project.
There are many other tools and features available, which make it comfortable to handle all issues involved in project development.
You would think that something like this is not affordable for a small company.
You can be wrong because team foundation server pricing can be cheaper than what you think.
Imagine the software as a service and you will understand how the team foundation server price can perfectly fit all your needs.
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