Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grannies used to be old with grey hair, but nowadays grannies can be quite young

Since November 3rd I am a grandmother.
I never really understood the meaning of that word, I even hated the idea of becoming one, that is something you begin to realize the moment you become one.
So what really is a grandma?
A grandma is something who looks old on the outside, but is still young on the inside.
Or better, is a mother who has a second chance, may be is somebody who feels younger playing with children.
Whatever she is, she certainly has to rethink and view again the ways and supplies to bring up children.
In my times things used to be a little bit more complicated and there were not so many baby slings to carry a baby.
When my daughter decides to go shopping she doesn’t need to prepare the baby one hour in advance as I did, she uses the easy and practical way modern mothers use, and she can easily carry the baby everywhere.
What is nice is that my grandson loves it.
I always thought it was quite uncomfortable for the baby, but, as a matter of fact, it isn’t.
But they invented (or just got the idea from the old way of carrying babies)even a faster and easier way: the moby wrap, with no strings, no straps.
They say babies who are carried cry less on average than those who are not, also when they are very little.
They feel the safety to be close to the mother and in the same time they have the chance to see the world and learn new things.
Also, this is the way to improve the baby’s emotional development and trust while providing him with the security that he feels being in direct touch with his mother’s body.
Well, grandmas are delightful things that date back to the last century, but they certainly know children...
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