Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Creative Economy

That is what is left when all the rest is gone.
And all the rest is Working, Producing, Saving, Investing.
In other words making something out of your time, which is generally energy consuming.
And this is particularly awesome in an age of "Energy Peak".
We are at the point of no return.
Gone is the age of "human energy" usage, gone is the age of "Cheap Oil energy" usage, and "Alternative Energy" hasn't arrive yet.
Better: "Cheap Alternative Energy".

So, in times where all the Stereotypes have fallen, when what they taught us is not valid anymore, when the world is falling and our lifestyle follows it, what do we have left, or better, what do our governments have left?
When everything is taxed, and highly taxed, when whatever you do you have to pay them, when you don't do anything because you have no job and consequently you do not pay them, where do they get the money?
They look into the Future, but no solution there, they look into the past, but you cannot go backward.
The solution: be creative, invent "alternative ways of grabbing money".
Too bad it is the same old story, the one who has to pay and the one who has to get.
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