Friday, December 03, 2010

In a world that goes global the secret of success is going local




Since many years I have this view of the Internet as what I call “Metropolitan web”.

In a world where the Internet is conceived and seen as a global mean of communication, they lost the most important point of view, which is: global comes AFTER local.

As the Internet proved to be the best way to promote businesses, education, health, why not making a Metropolitan Internet, where you can connect to ALL local services, including the local government?

Imagine a close network where you can find ALL local news, local businesses, local schools, local Libraries.

Where they can broadcast, for example, the local public City Hall reunions and other public related issues, or educational courses (languages, job training and so on).

A local Internet where the local business can broadcast their products, offers, where they can promote what they do and so on.

What would be the main advantage?

First of all it could be a separate Network, even if connected to the big Internet network.

The bandwidth could be cheap and shared among the local users.

Lot of bandwidth means also the chance to broadcast for example a local TV, or movies or music or whatever could be of interest.

The only limit would be the people´s imagination…

How could my dream become true?

May be I could involve The Co-operative Community Fund.

It is a fund  made up of donations from members who have chosen to give a percentage of their twice-yearly share of the profits.

It is a registered charity and is governed by The Co-operative Community Investment Fund (CCIF).

The money each region has to give is the money that members have donated in their area.

Groups have to apply for the funding and the application form is available on their website.

The name is

The Cooperative Membership Fund

The Cooperative Membership Fund

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