Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Give us something to die for and you will make us more human.

"Which is why I want to say this, as clearly as I can: it’s exactly because Assange and Wikileaks are relatively unimportant (compared to the gigantic scandal of the anti-democratic security state in which we now live) that the media has made him into a superstar, has tried to make the entire story about Wikileaks and a single eccentric and interesting character, rather than about the United States government’s actions as a system. The more we focus on him – and I’ve contributed to that, which is why I particularly want to write this post — the more we take attention away from the real story, the substance of the things Wikileaks has revealed....."

I fully disagree.
I see the big picture.
Which is the dawn of a new world, a world where people care to say what the others do not know.
Today is "the United States government’s actions as a system."and tomorrow something else.
It is the reborn "conscience", the wish of having again a future, better than this present, is being able to hope, which is all about life.
I had a wonderful grandfather, he hoped and dreamed to be able to do great things in his life, he didn´t reach any of his goals, but he lived a wonderful life, waking up everyday with something to fulfill.
That is why we ALL love Assange.
Give us something to die for and you will make us more human.
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