Friday, December 31, 2010


Here we are.
One year is almost finished and the next one ready to begin.
I cannot do previsions of how it will be, I like to read them, hoping they are good, but since I do not believe in them I soon forget what I read.
Everybody can predict everything, the difficult part is predicting the right things.
May be there are people who can predict events, because they make them happen.
I am not one of them and I think I like to ignore the future, just in case...
Well I certainly know that I won´t win at the lottery (because I do not play) that I won´t get married ( I already am), that I won´t see Australia or New Zealand.
I certainly know what I won´t do or what I will do.
I do not know what will happen or what the others will do.
I just read a funny thought.
Somebody was complaining that in the very near future the dollar will be worth just as toilet paper.
The other answered: at least will be worth for something.
Have you ever tried to wipe your bottom with gold coins?

This perfectly explains my predictions for next year.
Whatever happens may be is not as bad as we think.
Having less sometimes is the right road to BE more.
Happy new year to ALL!
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