Thursday, December 30, 2010

This is today and tomorrow invisible dictatorship.

Hitler was a stupid, a naive, because he thought (as ALL before him) that for ruling the world was enough to be the strongest, to have the best weapons, the best scientists.
There is a fable of Aesop, written thousands of years ago, but that explains it all, in few words: the Fable of the Sun and the Wind.
If you are able to own the mind of the people, then you OWN the people.
Because they do WHAT you want on their "free will".
Many times I asked myself is there really a "free will"? Or what we call in that way, in reality is the product of what we are told, and told, and told.
When a child is born it merely follows its instinct.
It can even walk.
Then the more its experience, the less its instinct.
May be instinct is the "free will", what the body feels of doing because it is the "Best" for surviving.
Our instinct tells us to fear certain things, because in our DNA there is the remote memory of our ancestor, the memory of the most important things to help us surviving.
Killing the instinct, building a new brain in which the priorities are what "the family" wants, this is the right pattern to rule the world.
As Aesop said, you cannot OBLIGE, but you can CONVINCE.
When you have somebody doing what you want "for his own will" you will have him forever.
Call it brainwashing, call it collective persuasion, call it whatever you want, it is the WORST, more ABOMINABLE, more EVIL way to rule.
You can fight a dictator, you can fight for freedom, you NEVER fight something in which you are a part.
Our body has wonderful resources; I would say that a healthy person can heal from most of illnesses.
It cannot heal from cancer, or a virus attack, because it is willingly accepting them, they are A PART of the body.
That is the best way to kill an "enemy" or to enslave somebody.

This is today and tomorrow invisible dictatorship.
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