Thursday, December 23, 2010


Once again it is Christmas.
When I was a child I used to think to the Christmases of the future, now I like to wander in the ones of the past.
They were much different, not because of their poverty compared to the abundance of today (even if people complain) but because the spirit was different.
When you have hopes and dreams life is much more beautiful than when you have the money and the possibility to satisfy them (at least a part).
I think I am a REAL European, and I think that if ALL the people living in Europe were real Europeans, Europe would be a different thing, because it would be ALIVE.
I was born in Italy, I lived in England, France, and Switzerland and now I live in Germany and my husband is German.
But I just think I lived in Europe and my husband is a European just like me.
I know there are people who almost laugh and enjoy the troubles some countries are living, (the people of the country)I feel bad and grieve for them and I am also so angry, because when you live the life the OTHERS oblige you to live, well that is just not fair.
I am not among the ones who believe that for example the Greeks are lazier than the Germans, or stupider or more naive.
They were just more deceived, like the millions on this globe who suffer because a minority can drink Champagne or "enjoy" whatever they want.
The only satisfaction I have is the knowledge that nobody really "enjoys" for long.
Life is a hard thing, and sooner or later presents the bill.
A bill everybody has to pay.
Merry Christmas to all, also to the ones who won´t have a Merry Christmas at all.
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