Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I think I can call myself a "professional eBayer".
I can proudly say I got a certain experience.
I guess that few people can really understandand what it is.
It is mostly a game in which the stronger wins, the stronger being, as usual, the one who can spare more money.
But not always.
Sometimes it is also a game that requires a certain amount of psychology and of course experience.
The best bargain is, as usual, the one that nobody wants.
That happens seldom, I always want what most people do, and I would even say that sometimes you do not want what nobody bids for and you think irresistable what many bid for.
If everybody wants it, it must be good.
I do not know who invented the one euro or one dollar or one pound beginning.
I do not know if it would be worth to give him a Nobel prize, but certainly some kind of award yes.
That one euro is so irresistable, it makes you bidding for things you would never dream to buy and sometimes paying for them much more than what you would if you could really understand what you are doing.
Because you begin with one, but if the bidders are many you can finish much higher.
Now it has got so tough, it is getting a war of seconds.
I began bidding the last 2 minutes, then I got to one, then to 40 seconds, now I am around 6 seconds, crossing my fingers hoping to have enough speed on the line to reach the goal before it is finished.
One thing must be said and that is that it was a great invention.
It is true you buy a lot of useless thing, but it is also true you can afford what you normally wouldn´t.
For my son it has become the way of wearing the last fashion, the most requested brand and spend nothing.
He buys what he likes, wears it a few times, then resells it and buys something else.
Not only he spends nothing and changes his wardrobe very often, sometimes he even makes a profit.
After a while you get the feeling and perfectly know what you will be able to resell and what you could get for it.
So you know what you have to pay for.
It is very "green".
So many things would just go wasted or sit in the wardrobe doing nothing, while they can be used by someone else.
And it also produces jobs.
Imagine the tons of goods traveling from one home to the other.
Well, as they say, if it didn´t exist, someone should invent it...
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