Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Looking for creative bloggers

For me blogging is mostly a pleasure, I like to write when I have something to say.

And since I could also make some profit out of it, it became even more interesting.

It is mostly the challenge, trying to write a post, an interesting one, if possible, about a subject they assign you.

It is, in a few words, the very essence of creativity.

And what would the campaign I would like to write about? What would allow me to express myself at its best?

It should probably be something I know quite well, something I am interested in, of course something I like.

I used to be and I still am, interested in philosophy and life, mostly in people, so the choice could be quite big.

May be something related to everyday life, to education or health, or technology.

I think I am quite open and quite versatile.

One of the companies I like most to work for is ebuzzing, which belongs to  the Wikio Group, and allows you to display videos and publish articles about brands that you like, when you want, whilst earning.

You are free to say what you want, the way you like it and decide to accept a campaign or deny it.

That is you are free to decide if, when and what.

What about  the ethics of writing about a brand on your blog through ebuzzing?

I had several discussions, and I can say I feel fine about it.

Because I would never write a positive comment or sponsor something I do not believe in, just because they pay me for.

This is also one point on < a href=""> </A>side.

They always propose interesting campaigns, the way to add very often cool, relevant and  exclusive content to your blog.

What brand  would I like to write about?

If I could choose I would like to write about some new technology, some new application, some really "killer application".

Something concerning the Internet and its future, something  "new".

I do not care about the "brand", I care about the "content".

If you like marketing, and that is what a sponsored post is all about, or aims to be, then it is not important "who" but "what".

There is nothing more stimulating than having to do the impossible( or almost)...that brings usually out the best of you.

It is far from boring and it needs creativity.

If you think you are creative and you want to make some money out of it, why not registering at <a href=""></A>?




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