Friday, December 03, 2010

What is technology worth?

"Robots will be doing all our work, Computers will be doing all our thinking and Artificial Minds will be doing all our living . This is an automatic process, you can't stop, so just accept it and deal with it."

This IS the point.
What is technology worth if it doesn’t make human life better?
If it is not useful to produce more food to feed ALL?
If just a few get enormous advantages out of it and the mass suffers even more?

Technology should be used, should be at humans service to help us to live better, to think more and to progress.
When man discovered the fire, the wheel, the electricity and all other great inventions, life changed and changed in better for ALL.
Why doesn’t the computer, the modern science, the latest inventions, help us to progress?
Because they are used by a restricted number of individuals, for making them richer, while making the others poorer and poorer.
Technology is no evil, but men are.
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