Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How many Assange will we have in the near future?

"Among many of WikiLeaks critics, there is a self-reinforcing hysteria surrounding WikiLeaks recent disclosures.
These critics, in government, media and policy circles, are making irresponsible and factually inaccurate statements, with import far beyond the WikiLeaks case.
Dangerous calls for the assassination of WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange or wild demands that Assange and WikiLeaks be designated terrorists must be condemned not only for being morally and legally outrageous, but because they will chill free speech for many years to come."

They won´t chill free speech, on the contrary, many who do not know or do not care, will know and will care.

"These investigations appear to be targeting WikiLeaks for publishing leaked information. Newspapers and other media outlets routinely publish leaked information, and this action should not criminalized through application of existing law, nor through new legislation."

Newspaper belong to the past and to the present, WikiLeak belongs to the future.
It is the beginning, as in all revolution, the signs were already there long before, but they just needed a match, a beginning.
How many Assange will we have in the near future?
How many more leaking websites?
People want truth and justice and a better world.
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