Saturday, December 11, 2010

Truth mixed with disinformation

The State Department claims that the "leaks" contain a mixture of falsehoods and truths in unknown proportion.

It is the last strategy, after trying to close mouth and Internet, talking about "truth mixed with disinformation", of course not saying what is what, to confuse the reader.
It would work if it wasn´t that WikiLeak says things "dejavu" and "dejaheard" or "dejaknown", but of which the reader didn´t have the proof.
Nothing is more believable of what you already know.
People of the world, it is time to realize that the fairy tale is finished, it is time to face the truth, it is time to take our life in OUR hands.

When you are young you are more liable to believe, in truth, in right, in perfect.
When you get older you realize that nothing is completely right or wrong, because everything is humanized and human nature is NOT completely right or wrong, or better, it isn´t completely neutral, it cannot be.

Human nature drives people to look for their best, which very seldom (almost never) is everybody´s best.
Some people exasperate this goal to the extreme.
And those are the ones that generally rule, the ones who say one thing and do another.
Trusting, believing, is in our nature, but there is nothing you can fully trust or believe.
"So far, there's not a single revelation that would even mildly surprise any normally diligent reader of the morning papers. Where's the bombshell? I am not suggesting that there is not one -- or even several."
Do we really think that there is still something that can surprise us? That we didn´t know already?
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