Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Going West to reach East

"As the planet continues its long slide into the pit, what are YOU going to do to try to change the direction?"

A good start, and Mr. Kunstler is doing that since long, is talking about, explaining what happens, proposing solutions.
But writing is not enough, to say the truth you need two persons, the one who talks AND the one who listens.
The main problem of today is that there are too many talkers and too few listeners.
They say that for going better you must reach the bottom.
We already have, but instead of trying to go better it looks that people are digging furher, may be they think it is easier to reach the other side of the globe digging, or they think going on digging they will find the solution, or, which is more likely, they are TOLD that the solution is going further down.
How can you dream to solve your problems going on the same direction it created them?
Or may be it is right.
Cristoforo Colombo went West to arrive East.
He didn´t know that he would have found America and stop there.
But he was right.
Earth is a globe and going in one direction you can find yourself in the opposite.
May be the same applies to life.
Life is a circle, you go in one direction and you find yourself in the opposite.
If you do not, as Colombo did, find death (America) in between.
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