Thursday, December 02, 2010

How to save the Planet and your budget

Lately I have been obsessed with the garbage.

I used to dream mountains of garbage, all mixed up.

I had to sort the paper, the plastic, the plasticated paper, the papered plastic, the aluminum, the glass, the organic, the semiorganic, the semiinorganic and so on.

I have bags for this and bags for that.

I have the schedule for the paper collection, the plastic collection and so on...

I love our Planet and I am more than willing to save it...but sometimes I miss those times when you put ALL in one big bag, the big bag in a big can and you just forgot all...

Since I am NOT somebody who passively does what she is requested to do, I began thinking.

Where does ALL my garbage finish?

There are people who make a good profit out of it, just burning and producing energy.

Why shouldn´t we, the garbage owners, do the same?

This is one of those ideas that not only solve a problem, but make a good profit out of it.

My idea: since in a big scale they use our garbage to make energy, why not building a machine that burns it and transforms it in energy?

Nothing really new, the sterling engine exists since long, why not using it in every household to produce the expensive energy we need and to get rid of our waste?

The investment would easily be recuperated in a little time.

What bigger ROI than the cost increasing, demand increasing energy, and the solution for the ever increasing garbage hassle?


An engine, which swallows all kind of our garbage, but deals with the different material in a different way (organic material creates biogas, the leftover of burned other material is reburned as long as it is almost CO2 neutral).


A stirling type engine is fed by the gas produced while burning our garbage, the engine produces energy for warming my house, for feeding all my electric appliances and so on...

I think that it is a great idea, worth of further development, so I posted it on Open Planet Ideas  website.

If you are somebody who has ideas, the fertile type, the ones that produce other good ideas and all together help to save the Planet (and may be also our budget), you can Join the challenge.

Where can you Find Out More About Open Planet Ideas ?

Follow my links and Good Luck!


My project:<a href="">How to solve a big problem</A> on the Open Planet Ideas

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