Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The problem? Too much state

The biggest threat to today’s economy and innovation is too much state and too less private.
Remember when they complained about the Communist societies in which there was no place for individualism, no place for private initiative, too much burocracy?
We are at the same point.
Also the Internet under the word "regulation" is going toward its end, by the ubiquitous hands of the State.
"When the FCC asserts regulatory jurisdiction over an area of telecommunications, the dynamic of the industry changes. No longer are customer needs and desires at the forefront of firms' competitive strategies; rather firms take their competitive battles to the FCC, hoping for a favourable ruling that will translate into a marketplace advantage. Customer needs take second place; regulatory "rent-seeking" becomes the rule of the day, and a previously innovative and vibrant industry becomes a creature of government rule-making."

What do we need to make this clear to ALL?
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