Thursday, January 24, 2008

Don't be a guitarist, be an artist

Playing is the expression of oneself. And an artist is the one who can express himself in the best way.
Do you like to play the guitar?
Don't think of yourself as a guitarist, think of being a musician. Music is your medium (of artistic expression) and the guitar your instrument.
It's the way you see yourself that effects the results you will get.
And it is also the passion you put in learning and improving how you play that will MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.
Do you love playing the guitar, bass or drum?
This post is for you.
There is a website where you can find ALL bass tabs, not only, also drum tabs and guitar's.
You just need to click over the name of your instrument and selecting the first letter of the artist's name, or just the search bar and: VOILA' here they are.
All the tablatures you are looking for.
They have more than 140.000 tablatures and new ones are coming every day.
The tablatures you'll find are ear transcriptions of songs, and represent the authors' creative interpretation.
So, if you ever dreamed to be an artist and play how nobody played, it pays to try all possible tablatures and give your PERSONAL interpretation of them.
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