Wednesday, January 30, 2008

LED: the future in energy saving

What is in absolute the cheapest light?
And talking about cheap, less energy consuming, is something everybody is interested in.
But not everybody knows that the cheapest lights are the LEDS lights.
LED (name for light-emitting diode) is a diode that emits narrow spectrum light, forming what is called electroluminescence.
It is a small area source, and it is used mostly as indicator lights on electronic devices, but could be used also in higher power applications.
That means they could be used as regular household light source.
That is a very good news, because they consume very little electricity and saving, when it comes to energy, is never too much...
The colors are dependent from the wavelength of the light emitted, and they have succeeded in making a variety of colors with even shorter wavelengths.
A combination of red, green and blue LEDs can produce the impression of white light, though white LEDs today are rarely used.
One of the widely used application is for Christmas Lights.
That is because they consume 90% less energy, have a long life, and are safer.
At you can find a big assortment of beautiful colors and shape.
They are UL and Energy Star Approved ,they have Lifetime warranty, and 30 Day No Questions Asked Return Policy.
They also have a Christmas light recycling program, a new line of wedding lights, and of course precious suggestions about the many uses of their LED lights.

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