Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paid for your website's traffic

How does it sound to be paid JUST for the traffic on your website?
I think it sounds great.
Your website is your Capital which produces interests, just being there.
This service goes under the name of PayPerPlay.
It is the newest and fastest growing way of advertising.
How does it work?
You have to submit your website and let a relevant audio (lasting 5 seconds) on it.
The ads play only on the web pages where the website owner has placed the PPP code.
Of course the audio will be related to the text placed on the website.
It will play as soon as the visitor arrives and won't need any action from the visitor.
Of course the PPP ad must be placed in an appropriate web page.
But Net Audio Ads are not all.
What makes this way lucrative is the possibility to join an affiliate program that will last till February 1st, 2008.
After this date, the program will convert into a "Host only".
That means you'll be able to make money just with the revenue from the ads posted on your website.
But if you SIGN UP now, you can still sharing the affiliate revenues also after February 1st, 2008.
With this you can be paid for:
1) Ads on your website
2) Ads on referred websites
3) Ads on indirect referred websites

So, coming to a conclusion, you have to register before February 1st, 2008.
Easy, isn't it?

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