Thursday, January 17, 2008

Network security

Finally your IT people have set up a network covering all PCs within your company.
And, of course they installed a firewall as well as a virus checker.
Doing this, it seems everybody can feel safe and secure.
Can they really?
Based on reports 9 out of 10 companies still suffer attacks and the bad thing about it is that they don’t know about them.
But what can they do?
Well, before they can do the right thing, they need to know when and what kind of an attack has occurred.
And, finally, there is a tool out there, which alerts them immediately when somebody tries to establish an attack.
It also gives them all necessary data to know

- which servers and/or PCs are involved
- where did the attack originate
- what kind of attack it was
- if the activity is still going on

Have a look at netflow .
You even can do a test run to see how it works.

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