Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What would I do with $100 to change the World?

Yesterday I found an email proposing a contest.
I do not remember what the reward was, I still remember what the question was:
What would you do with $100 to change the Word?
I thought about it all day and honestly, I had no answer.
$100 is not much, especially with a devaluated dollar, but Euro 100 is not much more.
What could you do?
I had no answer, so I started to think: What would I do WITHOUT $100?
And at that point my brain began working.
That means you need much less to begin to change the World, so much less that you can begin with $0.
Because first thing you HAVE to realize it is not important what you HAVE, but what you ARE.
That is why the biggest Millionaire can do very little to change the World.
I mean very little more than what he could do spending nothing.
First thing to do is learning NOT TO SPEND.
That means, you can do many more things, and many more useful things if you actually do not spend.
Pollution: Imagine how much you could improve the environment if you reduced your consumes to the minimum, if you finally understood that happiness in not in buying and spending, but in DOING.
Why should you use a portable phone, calling miles away when you can actually spend the time talking with somebody close to you, with your real voice?
The voice doesn't pollute, your cell phone does.
Why should you spend money, time and resources doing things that can bring less joy than doing something else more affordable and more rewarding?
I find it hundreds of time better to do something creative than playing a frustrating video game.
The last I find it quite boring, while working on a project with my computer (even the silliest one) gives me a sense of success, a pleasure in finding out what I can do that no Video Game could actually give me.
I hate to do things just for killing time, I feel frustrated and useless and most of all I feel bored.
What does all this have to do with saving the World?
It has a LOT to do with it.
Do we really want to change the world?
Let's begin from us.
Man is the one who makes the World, at least HIS world; the World men are living it.
If he is able to understand Nature, Life, the important things in life, then the World will be a pleasant place to live in.
If he is just able to chase the ghosts of fake success, fake joy, fake life, our world will be more and more the hell it is...
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