Monday, January 21, 2008

Worst case Scenario

Would you know how to survive if you were all alone? In this exclusive Survival Guide from, survival expert Greg Davenport outlines all you need to know to stay alive. The first step to survival is to know what your needs are. Make a note of these five survival essentials:

Personal Protection
To keep your body temperature in its safe zone, you'll need protection from the elements: heat, cold, precipitation and wind.

Don't be left behind because potential rescuers didn't know you were there. A signal can be as simple as blowing a whistle or scanning the horizon with the flash from a mirror.

Without water, you'll perish in three to four days; without food, you can live for 3 or more weeks.

As long as the area you are in meets your needs, stay put. If it doesn't, consider traveling to an area that does. Make sure you pack enough gear to meet all your needs during the trip or plan your route so that water, shelter and other needs can be met along the way.

Survival stress will play a big role in how well you meet your other needs. Focus on positive events like a successful fire or catching that squirrel for dinner. Put the negative thoughts into perspective, and don't dwell on them. Avoid environmental injuries like cold and heat-related problems (hypothermia or hyperthermia) by staying hydrated and dressing appropriately.

Understanding the five survival essentials is key to meeting them. The order and methods used, however, will depend on your climate, circumstances and available manmade and natural resources.

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