Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To know the Past and the Present to be able to know the Future

How come there are people, better investors, that no matter how the Market is going, ALWAYS manage to come out with a profit?
Very simple: because they know when to buy and when to sell.
They know when to hurry and when to wait.
In a few words: they know and you don't.
That is why I was quite positively impressed knowing that there is a website where you can to track the activities of professional investment directors down to the minute/share/trade.
And of course that is the best way to learn how to.
Just doing.
And doing it the best way, without risking and with a very good teacher.
In principle knowledge is nothing else than studying what people did before you, learning what to do and what NOT to do.
If you can follow proven investment strategies, see the results and copy them, you have good chances to be successful.
" Being a member of Vestopia has allowed me to manage my portfolio like a seasoned Wall Street veteran - it saves me a whole lot of time, and money."
Not only saving.
You can actually learn how to make profits when most people don't, and see that hard times can also be good times.
"In my opinion, these types of sell-offs, where the good is taken down with the bad offer investors a great opportunity to add to high conviction positions at less expensive prices and to also look in the marketplace for other opportunities which have become attractive. "
That's it. That is the secret most of us would like to know.
When, how and WHAT.
Tell me the future and I'll make you a rich man.
Well, they won't tell you the future, but since "History magistra vitae" it is worth to know about it...
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