Saturday, January 12, 2008

Online dating: love at "First Click"

They call ours the "Communication Age".
I guess no name could be more inappropriate.
It is true, we talk a lot, we use a lot the portable phones, we send a huge number of SMS or emails, but we are not able to communicate anymore.
No wonder the big number of "Singles" most of them not for choice.
We travel a lot too, we go to parties, we go to a lot of places where we meet a lot of people, but we are unable to build relationships anymore.
We are, more or less "Keyboard addicted" and this is becoming our new way to find other singles, to date and to build our relationships.
Do you keyboard? Yes, I do, and what about you?
I met my husband on the Internet.
Without the Internet I would most probably have married an Italian and he would have married a German.
How old fashioned and conventional!
I assure you it is much more fun to live with somebody who was brought up in a very different way, with another culture, other tastes, other likings and dislikings.
So, you would ask me, how to find somebody from another country or at least another city?
Easy, with the Internet.
You just need a computer, an Internet connection and of course a keyboard.
Then you also need the right address of the right Dating Site, and you are almost done.
Where to look for a dating site?
At, you can find the best selection of any kind.
At Perfect match you can really find, as their name says, the "perfect match".
Their uniquely different matchmaking system analyzes and matches up people based on scientific principles and data provided by you and other singles.
Or you can try .
They can count the biggest number of marriages than any other site.
With hundreds of thousand of people who find love there, they are really #1 Dating Site.
You can browse among a big number of dating sites, try one or try all.
Either you are easy to satisfy, or you are difficult in tastes, I am sure you WILL find somebody...and live happily ever after.
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