Tuesday, January 22, 2008

PBR: the place to ride THE BULL

Horseback riding was my favorite sport for long.
I loved horses of course and I enjoyed riding in the countryside, but I guess what really intrigued me was the fought against my fears.
Who ever tried show jumping can understand what I say.
It is not the sport in itself, it is the determination and will of success, the pride you feel when you are able to overcome your fears, the feeling of being able to if you really want.
That is why I enjoy being at the Professional Bull Rider show.
Because it is a daring and dangerous sport and the cowboys who practice it are certainly true athletes and brave men.
Every ride is a test of man versus beast, besides being a test of real skill.
The professional Bull Riders World Finals will be held in Las Vegas Beginning on October 31st 2008.
That is the place to ride THE BULL, not just any bull...
There they come from all over the World, both riders and public.
Where to find the PBR tickets Las Vegas?
At Team One you can purchase PBR Tickets Las Vegas as well as PBR tickets for the entire PBR schedule including all PBR Bull Riding events.
There you can also find the Final Schedule and leave your email to receive the free newsletter that will keep you informed on upcoming events.
If you are looking for a sensational, fierce, rough and grueling show this will surely be the one you have to attend.
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