Friday, May 16, 2008

Colloidal Silver

Anne had a terrible accident.
She got 30% of her body heavily burned.
As in all similar cases, the risk is a super bacterial infection in addiction to the heavy damages due to the fire.
In her case colloidal silver played a big role as antibacterial drug.
Silver killed burn bacteria and permitted wounds to heal.
No microorganism can stay alive for more than six minutes when exposed directly to colloidal silver.
Results show Colloidal Silver to be highly germicidal, yet harmless and non-toxic to humans.
The antiseptic power of silver is known since Greek and Roman times, the problem was that it could prove harmful, corrosive and painful.
Now a day we have found the way to produce the nanoparticle colloidal silver.
It is 600 times more effective, without any side effect.
The form of colloidal silver means silver particles, not silver ions.
The diameter of the nano particles is 0.65 nm or less.
MesoSilver is non-toxic, does not interact or interfere with any medications, does not cause discoloration of the skin.
It could be used to fortify the immune system, taken daily, one to four table spoons.
Or infusing silver nanoparticles into socks.
You won't have anymore foot odour or smelly shoes, thanks to the antiseptic property of silver.
No need to buy expensive silver socks, it's enough to spray Mesosilver on your own socks.
Its nanoparticles will exert their antimicrobial properties.
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