Friday, May 16, 2008

IDrive, the easy online backup

How many times we said "If" and "when" and "If just".
Too bad it is always to late.
Who among us has never experienced his or her hard Drive crash?
And of course the loss of ALL DATA in just a few seconds?
But today there is a way to be able to avoid these tragedies.
For people who do almost everything online there is no need any more to keep paper files and in the same time they can feel safe about their data.
They can access all their informations and documents online, they are able to work from anywhere, from any computer.
They use IDrive, which is a user-friendly, safe and reliable application able to do automatically a backup of their data files online.
It's so easy and nice to use, it is "aesthetically" minimalist, because there is no need for drawers to be filled with papers, no DVDs, or external tape drive.
And no fuss to find what you're looking for, wherever you are.
There is no worry about security as all data is encrypted during all transmissions.
There is also an efficient management tool, which allows you to specify, which files are accessible, shared, locked, searchable etc.

All these facts can help you sleep at night.

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