Saturday, May 17, 2008

Go green, rent a car with America's first major car company!

Do you want, or need to rent a car?
If you are looking for good prices and the best cars you can stop looking, because you found it.
Who wouldn't like to try a SUV?
Usually the rates are much higher than a normal car, but at Advantage you’ll always find the best rates available on all vehicles including brand new SUV models.
For example, right now, you can rent a Suzuki XL7 for as little as $34.99/day.
But if your budget is lower, no problem.
They start at just $19.99/day!
But this is not all.
When you rent a car with them you get a certain amount of points for each day, no matter what car type. There is no maximum amount of points.
The more you collect, the better it is.
Every 600 points you get a free day of rental, and if you rent a car for 12 days you get one free.
To know more, visit their website and find out what you need to have an easy ID number and just start to collect points.
By the way, how does it work this car rental?
You need three easy steps:

1) Pick UP
2) Select your car
3) Drop off

All done just filling a few questions on their website and you can have your car waiting for you wherever and whenever you need it.

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