Monday, May 12, 2008

If you need to be mobile when you are not

John was 26 and his life looked brilliant and glamorous till the day in which he had a terrible car accident.
He didn't die, but his life was not as happy as it used to be: he lost the use of his legs and life looked suddenly a terrible nightmare.
Slowly he began to appreciate things he had overlooked for a long time.
Nothing looks more important than when you do not have it anymore.
And nothing looks more important than mobility when you are chained to a wheelchair.
Our world is made for people who can walk and our cars for people with two functional legs.
Luckily there is ALWAYS a way out, and a solution for most of our problems.
Thanks to handicap vans thousands of people like John can live a normal life, work, have good time and reach all the destinations they want.
IMED Mobility offers people like John a wide selection of VMI, Braun, and Viewpoint vans.
Not only, they offer professional delivery on all sales of Wheelchair Vans nationwide.
Their delivery team will bring your vehicle directly to you at your home or workplace. The Wheelchair Vans are carried on a trailer, so no unnecessary miles are being put on your van before you drive it.
They also work with lenders, so to make a necessary thing affordable to all and to assure consumers to get the best possible terms available.
You can choose among sale, service and rental, the solution that best suits your needs.
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