Thursday, May 22, 2008

Does you business need a blog?

This very best reason to have a blog for your business is that there are many reasons to blog. Below is a list of benefits broken down by three categories:

1. Content Management

2. User (Visitor)

3. Optimization (Marketing)

Content is king and makes it extremely easy to add content, banners and graphics to your site. With the use of widgets, blogs can be a total replacement for a website, thereby saving the business owner lots of aggravation and expense.

If the user can’t comment or interact with every aspect of your offering, you might as well own a billboard in a basement. User generated content is now a necessary component to your online marketing strategy, and blogs are becoming the standard communication platform for all business – consumer communications. Provides a social window that users can track your business and philosophy.

Quick bullet advantages

· Easy to use and manage

· Anyone can update the blog

· Web based software – no ongoing maintenance

· Post content to other blogs using publishing platform

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