Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Medium is the Advertiser’s Message: the future IPTV

"Concentration of ownership enables the largest owners of America’s productive capital to disproportionately influence government policy.
While the television industry has always been an oligopoly, the government’s retreat from media regulation has promoted concentration due to the logic of capital. Logic of capital theory contends that capitalists ceaselessly cultivate new markets, inevitably pursuing concentration of ownership because of their relentless drive for profit.
Capitalists continually tap new territories and markets for profits while seeking ways to eliminate competition. Even though competition is a hallmark of a capitalist economy, the overriding tendency within capitalism is concentration."

The maturation of cable and other communications technologies created competition in the U.S. and other countries that fragmented the mass broadcast television audience.

Reality television shows dominate prime time television because they pose little financial risk for networks, offer lavish production values, and generate huge ratings.

The convertibility of its format into a virtual infomercial for sponsors’ products underscores the role of the show in propagating consumption in the U.S. and other nations targeted by transnational capitalism.
Advertisers eagerly sponsor Reality Television because it is a virtual commercial for their products.

Reality television dominates the worldwide television landscape because it is well adapted to a global environment of media production.

What would be better than Reality IPTV?
It poses little financial risk for networks, offer lavish production values, and generate huge ratings.
Cheap to produce, highly valued by sponsors.
Perfect fr the Business Model of the Internet.
The ONe (or few) producers and broadcasters work.
Producing costs little, broadcasting too, high revenue, THIS IS FUTURE.
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